Rolf Gates

Q&A with Rolf Gates

Videos Listed by Questions Describe your entry point to recovery and what were the basic skills needed to succeed? What were the early challenges for you in recovery? What is the importance of having a specific program of recovery? What are the foundations of recovery, yoga and meditation? What is the mind/body aspect of addiction? …

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Final Words with Rolf, Nikki & Tommy

Rolf Gates1. Stay close to the people who prioritize being clean and sober 2. Make that priority your own Nikki Myers1. Come back to the breath2. The Serenity Prayer Tommy Rosen1. Develop a morning spiritual practice (Sadhana) 2. Never be alone in emotional discomfort Remember, there is a way through every block. Namaste!

Yoga Class Practice with Rolf Gates

Come home to the body and bring gentle awareness.  It’s a practice of finding ease in one’s own skin.  Practice breathing in, knowing that you are breathing in. Practice breathing out, knowing that you are breathing out.  Let go of the “why”.  Know only the body and the breath. Be mindful of connection or contraction.

Wisdom Talk with Rolf Gates

Wisdom Talk Theme: Foundation Awakening. Remember that we are human beings with the ability to learn.  When we ask for help and embrace the power of learning, it will broaden our understanding and compassion.

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