Nikki Myers

Q&A with Nikki Myers

Videos Listed by Questions What benefit did you get at first from using? What is the “disease of the lost self?” Why is there so much addiction? Why does relapse happen? How important is community in healing addiction? What part does yoga play in recovery from addiction? How can we solve the addiction epidemic? What …

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Wisdom Talk with Nikki Myers

Wisdom Talk Theme: Healing and Strengthening Gratitude and Lineage. When I make my gratitude bigger than my sadness or fear, the gratitude transforms the sadness or fear.

Final Words with Rolf, Nikki & Tommy

Rolf Gates1. Stay close to the people who prioritize being clean and sober 2. Make that priority your own Nikki Myers1. Come back to the breath2. The Serenity Prayer Tommy Rosen1. Develop a morning spiritual practice (Sadhana) 2. Never be alone in emotional discomfort Remember, there is a way through every block. Namaste!

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