Bonus Videos

Q&A with Tommy Rosen

Videos Listed by Questions What is the path of discovery? Yoga & Recovery: Key Perspectives What are your reflections on relapse and the frequency of addiction? How do I find a teacher and the next lesson plan? What advice do you have for families touched by addiction?

Q&A with Nikki Myers

Videos Listed by Questions What benefit did you get at first from using? What is the “disease of the lost self?” Why is there so much addiction? Why does relapse happen? How important is community in healing addiction? What part does yoga play in recovery from addiction? How can we solve the addiction epidemic? What …

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Q&A with Rolf Gates

Videos Listed by Questions Describe your entry point to recovery and what were the basic skills needed to succeed? What were the early challenges for you in recovery? What is the importance of having a specific program of recovery? What are the foundations of recovery, yoga and meditation? What is the mind/body aspect of addiction? …

Q&A with Rolf Gates Read More »

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